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Remember when you buy, what, then the product to which you first of all pay attention? If you have not been advised of any product, first of all you will be guided by the visual design of the product or the graphic design of the product packaging. The same principle works in the network; a harmoniously, beautifully designed website stands out among competitors like it. Such a site is more likely to get an interested person in a product or service. Quality design plays a very important role.

Design in the literal sense means design, although most often refers to some kind of graphic design. Web design is understood as a set of well-thought-out site structure, pages, application or service and its appearance. It may seem strange, but the arrangement of elements on the page is no less important than its color scheme. There are certain rules that allow you to find a compromise between readability and elements that attract attention, between text and images, between boring and familiar.

Website design development always begins with prototyping, that is, creating sketches for future pages of a website. This stage is necessary in order to take into account all the necessary functional elements and arrange them in such a way as to maximize the return on the site. In fact, the place of the web page is not limited either in length or in width, but the horizontal scroll bar is not in vain considered to be a bad tone, and no one will reach the end of the “sheet”. This means that the blocks and elements on the pages should be arranged taking into account the priority, and both for the user and for the site owner. That is, on the so-called "first screen" (what the user sees immediately when the page is loaded) you need to fit in advertising, news, navigation elements, and important information. In addition, for placing accents and improving usability (usability), the size of the blocks and their relationship to each other is important. For different screen sizes of devices, priorities may be completely different. For example, for mobile devices, some blocks (for example, with banner ads) are generally worth hiding. Therefore, a prototype is made at least for large screens, tablet screens and mobile devices. The second stage of site design development is the rendering of layouts. Black and white sketches are overgrown with decorative elements and color. Color, images, typefaces and even line spacing - everything matters. Depending on the objectives of the site and the preferences of the target audience, the best options are selected.

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