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Online store development

An online store is any business mechanism for selling products online, is a directory with special features. Before developing an online store, you can initially create a simple and convenient site directory to familiarize potential buyers with existing products, and in the future it can be complicated and add additional features.
An example of a classic set of functions for an online store:

  • • original design layout based on your wishes
  • • cross-browser and adaptive layout of the site for modern mobile devices
  • • visual editor: the ability to independently edit text on pages, add images, documents, and other files
  • • the ability to independently upload products to the store, change prices and photos of products
  • • dynamic multi-level menu
  • • unlimited pages
  • • unlimited number of products
  • • catalog of products with a multi-level division by category
  • • shopping cart
  • • dynamic information: news feeds, articles, article categories
  • • the possibility of self-placement of video and other external objects
  • • the possibility of placing advertising banners
  • • photo gallery, the ability to independently add photos, and edit the list of added images
  • • feedback form
  • • Counter and attendance statistics online store

    Complex premium online stores require special attention and an individual approach to design, they are based on a complex software structure that needs preliminary detailed elaboration and description of algorithms for interconnection of what is happening on the site. A project can be both an absolute know-how, from the point of view of technological construction, and in the literal sense, “complex”, consisting of many independent software parts inherent in other types of products. Creating a project begins with writing a detailed technical specification, in which all the processes that should occur in the project are reflected in the form of a logical system consisting of data, functions, interface and design.

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