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Online Business Card development

Business card site is the most demanded type of online project that is not directly related to online sales. It is the representation of your company in the network, as well as a tool to attract potential customers. The presence of such a representative site of the company allows you to tell about the existing advantages over the services of your competitors; shed light on the company's infrastructure; promptly notify on ongoing promotions and seasonal offers; post images of products or photos of employees, price lists, promotional videos, presentations and other useful documents. Today, almost any serious company has its own website, and any potential buyer, before purchasing a product or service, studies it on the Internet, and having the opportunity to compare offers, chooses the most suitable option for it. Thus, the buyer receives the maximum information and makes the right choice, and the company providing the service acquires an additional client audience. Description of features of a typical business card site:

  • • original design layout based on your wishes, cross-browser layout of the site, support for adaptability
  • • visual editor: the ability to independently edit text on pages, add images, documents, and other files;
  • • dynamic information: news feeds, articles, article categories;
  • • dynamic multi-level menu
  • • unlimited number of pages (the ability to add pages yourself)
  • • the possibility of self-placement of video and any outdoor objects
  • • the possibility of placing advertising banners
  • • photo gallery, the ability to independently add and edit the list of added images
  • • feedback form
  • • site attendance counter
  • • Interactive Location Map

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