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Logo development in Belovo

It is with the development of the company logo that the creation of a corporate style begins. After all, without a logo you can not even make a business card. The development of a logo is the creation of a unique visual image that will distinguish your company from a number of others on the market. I will not only create a graphic element for you and describe its "legend", but I will also draw up a special list of rules for its use in business documents, in advertising and marketing materials.

Development of the style of the logo is very important, as then all stylistic elements will be embodied in the corporate style. Working on the task, I'm determined with color solutions, fonts and a range of visual characteristics.

Development of the company logo in Belovo is required in cases when the company does not have it or many disparate elements of visual communication have appeared (business cards, booklets, company folder with documents, etc.). Different elements make it difficult to perceive the brand as a whole, and sometimes consumers simply can not connect the graphic elements with your company, with your brand. This, of course, prevents the promotion of the company.

Logo development is necessary if:
- your company is a beginner and you need to let customers identify it among your competitors, remember, identify,
- you need to often attend events and appoint meetings that end with the exchange of business cards, promotional materials,

- you plan to participate in exhibitions, conferences, briefings,
- You are launching a full-scale advertising campaign.

Than to be guided at creation of a logo:
- The main rule of the logo design - the design should be unique. The
- The logo should be such that there are no associations with other companies.
- The logo should be remembered, and eventually associated with your company.
- The logo should be designed so that it can be easily scaled, applied to products, to promotional materials (booklets, catalogs), to business cards, posted on the official website without distorting visual perception.

Briefly the work process can be described as follows:
- Acquaintance with the activity of your company, with the history of its formation and development, current status and development.
- Analysis of the logos of competitors and partners taking into account your business branch. This is done so that there are no unnecessary associations with other brands.
- Formation of stylistics. Create several sketches, logo design options.
- Logo development.

You get the source files, tips on using the logo, how it is applied to documents or company products.

How much does it cost to design a logo? The cost of developing a logo depends on whether the company has already developed a corporate style (colors, fonts, etc.). If not, then the development of the logo prices will be higher. In addition, the cost will depend on the urgency of the order.

I have been engaged in web design and development for many years, including the exclusive creation of the logo in Belovo or in any other region.

Attention! Currently this service is not available!

Get results from your business right noworder a website

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