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Contextual Advertising in Novokuznetsk

How long is the site owner willing to wait in order to get more calls, purchases and orders from customers? With the help of contextual advertising, increased interest can be obtained immediately! Contextual advertising is the placement of information about products or services not only in search engines, but also on thousands of other sites. Moreover, only those users who have once looked for similar information see advertising. This is capable of attracting a target audience to the desired site. Contextual advertising is shown only to potential customers. They will definitely notice it, because such ads are always in the most advantageous positions, for example: above the search results line or to the side of it. Contextual advertising in Novokuznetsk or any other region is your chance to attract to your online resource those customers who are looking for exactly your products and services. Due to this, you get only the target audience, and you don’t have to spend money to cover advertising for users who are not interested.

How does contextual advertising work?
Contextual advertising in Google Adwords and Yandex. Direct - the most effective tool. It contributes to:

  • - to increase the reach of potential customers, increases site traffic with a large number of ads;
  • - advertising today - the ability to get customers tomorrow;
  • - to increase the current number of requests and calls from the site now;
  • - promotion of a resource that is not adapted for search engine promotion (for example, a one-page landing page or a promotional site).

Where are contextual ads placed? How to choose where to advertise products? Each channel, time and place to advertise give different effects. This also applies to contextual advertising. Results will vary depending on where the message is posted.

Special posting - in this case, the advertisement is immediately after the search line and the user sees it first. But the cost of such placement of contextual advertising is quite high, sometimes one click can be comparable in cost to the monthly payment for search promotion on a similar request.

Guaranteed impressions - ads placed in this block are also seen by many users. This name was given to impressions because the advertiser client receives a full guarantee that his message will be displayed every time a search request is entered.

Dynamic impressions - the ad in this case is shown in rotation with messages from other advertisers. These impressions bring fewer clicks to your site, but this is the cheapest way to show an ad in search results.

Thematic sites - contextual advertising on thematic portals - is placed on sites whose content is thematically similar to your site.

To conduct an advertising campaign, special knowledge is not required, almost everyone can do it. However, this method of promotion has a number of such features that can nullify the results if it is not done professionally. The main difficulty in setting targeting is the mechanism for displaying a message only to the target audience. It is possible to build an advertising campaign on a special theme, on time or behavioral technologies. However, in each case, an individual approach to the solution is needed. It is laborious, but still brings a good result.

The most attractive contextual advertising in Novokuznetsk or any other region is only if it is targeted specifically at this region. This feature of contextual advertising site is one of the most attractive: the ability to focus not only the audience but also the geography of the display of ads can significantly reduce costs and get the maximum possible effect.

However, remember: contextual advertising will never be able to compete with the impact obtained from search engine optimization and site promotion in search engines. Contextual advertising is the official way to buy advertising and place your ad on the search engine pages or advertising sites used by it. Also to the pluses can be attributed the fact that the display of your advertisements begins within 1-2 days after placing the order and that you pay only by the number of real visitors to the site.

Contextual advertising in Novokuznetsk Contextual advertising in Novokuznetsk Contextual advertising in Novokuznetsk

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