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Copywriting, seo-copywriting and rewriting - writing texts in Krasnoyarsk

How to interest the buyer? How to be more convincing that the visitor ordered the service or purchased the product on your website? Mainly, the success of a website is determined by the proper presentation of materials: commercial and advertising articles, press releases, etc. Competent website content is not only an indicator of the company's level, but also a factor that favorably affects visitor loyalty to your business. Website content is one of the most important aspects of any successful project.

Benefits of copywriting:

  • - Available information
  • - Volume from 2000 characters per page
  • - Writing commercial and advertising texts
  • - Splitting text into paragraphs (for more accessible perception)
  • - Use headings and subheadings in text.
  • - Apply perelinkovski with other pages containing keywords
  • - A thorough study of materials in a particular subject, thereby - reliable presentation of information
  • - Update and adjust content
  • - Responsible approach to business, taking into account your wishes and recommendations

Combined with search engine promotion, copywriting is particularly effective. In the process of writing text using keywords or phrases specified by you. The text is prepared in such a way as to be useful not only to visitors, but also be of great importance for search engines. Professional copywriting in Krasnoyarsk or any other region will help your website to take a decent position in the results of search engines. Such a separate subtype of copywriting is seo-copywriting - it is primarily aimed at writing texts optimized for search engines, contains direct occurrences of keywords and their variations. The main difference between seo-copywriting and simple copywriting is that, in order to write seo-texts, you need not just to write unique texts, but to familiarize yourself with the subject area, with a list of keywords, to study the semantic core of the site, to write easy, readable content using the necessary key phrases, use ordered headlines because search engines always take them into account when ranking. Also important is the position of keywords on the pages, proper use of word forms and synonyms, sufficient volume and uniqueness.

Rewrite is a modification of the text to increase its uniqueness so that the meaning remains the same, but the text is the most unique. To this end, information is presented with a change in the style of presentation and the selection of other words - analogues, synonyms, quasi-synonyms. It is allowed to discard phrases that do not carry a clear semantic load and move paragraphs or selective sentences in such a way that the general idea of ​​the article is not lost and key words are preserved. Keywords are phrases by which users find your text. Keywords are divided by type into informational, navigational, transactional and general. By type of popularity for high-frequency, mid-frequency and low-frequency queries. The higher the competition and the greater the popularity of requests, the more expensive and longer the promotion. It should also be noted that the keywords regulate the relevance of the site. Relevance is the correspondence of search results to specific search queries specified by the user. It is evaluated by external and internal parameters. The first is the reference mass, or, in other words, how many external links and what quality go to your resource. The more authoritative and thematic sites link to yours, the more valuable its content. Internal parameters include the location of a keyword in a document, its use in meta tags and headings, its frequency, and the use of word forms and synonyms. The more relevant keywords are selected for each page, the higher its conversion. Conversion is a certain percentage of visitors to your site who perform the necessary actions, for example, some kind of order or purchase of goods, relative to the total number of visitors. Conversion is calculated for each specific page separately. You can increase site conversion after conducting a comprehensive audit of the site and analyzing its usability.

To the question "How much will it cost to write texts in Krasnoyarsk (copywriting, seo-copywriting or rewriting)? ”without providing a technical task with a clear description of the task, it is impossible to answer unequivocally, you need a task to study all the requirements.

Copywriting, writing texts in Krasnoyarsk Seo-copywriting, writing texts in Krasnoyarsk Rewriting, writing texts in Krasnoyarsk

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