Website Usability - getting the maximum effect

A concept of "usability" has several definitions. When thinking about website usability, it is simplicity, clarity and ease of interaction with the site. The term usability has a connection with the term "ergonomics", it determines the degree of user-friendliness in achieving certain goals.

Once completed the creation Website, there comes a time when you need to promote your own. On the basis of existing statistics can make the analysis of usability Website, in the context of the needs of users who come to your site.

The basic principles of website usability

EFFICIENCY - the first principle of usability. After the first visit to your site to the client should be clear how to effectively use it to find specific information. The degree of implementation of the needs of users - than what is measured by the effectiveness of the usability of the site.

Learning disabilities need action. To get feedback from visitors to the site need to be committed any act. For example, sign up, download, order it. Proper site usability provides training tips - it could be the numbering, arrows, tool tips that help users learn the necessary actions

Memorability - the third principle of usability. To help remember instinctively, what and where is the site you need to follow a single design style identical elements and place them in the same place - it will help visitors navigate and easy to remember is not to go astray.

Satisfaction - the most important principle of usability. After visiting your website potential client must remain satisfied with how the process and result of interaction with him. Satisfaction - a measure of the quality of the site. The task of the usability the website - keep visitors.

Development of commercial sites based on the principles of good usability

If a commercial site will not be clear and convenient to users, tog its value for business development will be low. Basics of website usability give tips how to make your life more and more popular and in demand. In order to keep visitors on the site is necessary that the usability of the following tasks:

  • Information useful and interesting
  • Friendly and intuitive interface
  • Literacy elaborate structure
  • Easy navigation

Analysis of the usability Website will help identify weaknesses and make the site more user-friendly. Hold the attention of users, in turn, will promote Website and increase its popularity.

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