Web-development - time for website creation

Web-development - a laborious process, which consists of several consecutive steps. Each of which interacts with the customer. And the effectiveness of this interaction depends largely on the speed of development of the site. However, at the conclusion of the contract, we are required to provide a specific timeframe website creation, so there is a distribution of time to work on each stage.

  • creating a site design -18% of the time
  • market analysis - 13% of the time
  • development of the structure of the site - 11% of the time
  • installation and setup cms - 13% of the time
  • discussion and introduction of amendments - 15% of the time
  • seo optimization - 12% of the time
  • manufacturing site and filling content - 18% of the time

Site creation - stages of works

Creating a site design -18% of the time includes the creation of block diagrams or prototypes of all the pages of the future website design and drawing layouts of all pages of the site. Most of the time is spent on the design of the main page. The period of 12-14 days - this is the perfect time for work on the project with the design of a corporate website internal pages 5-7. During this time, with timely feedback from the customer, we otrisuem design layout based corrections and alterations, without the imposition on the CMS.

Market analysis - 13% of the time. This analytical work: the study of the target audience, the collection and analysis of information on the sites of competitors. We study not only the sites that the customer specifies how key competitors, but many others in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses in the design and use good ideas as possible to strengthen them. This is important, we need to understand how they work, what functionality is used, which can be improved. This work is largely affect future budgets to promote your site and determine the amount of training texts and internal SEO optimization.

Development of the structure of the site - 11% of the time. Development of the menu structure and interface - a major factor in the promotion and future site promotion. They must comply with the fundamental rules of usability and meet the guidelines of search engines. When creating the site, we always think over the future of the possible expansion of the functional and the proposed changes to the site. Site structure must be designed in such a way that it is easy to modify and extend the client's needs.

Installation and setup cms - 13% of the time. Install a content management system also requires internal optimization. The standard CMS is a functional, which may not be needed at a particular site and therefore there is no need to install it and spend the extra time.

Discussion and introduction of amendments - 15% of the time. This is a time that is uniformly distributed on the entire period of the project, but if the communication with the customer in the process of being established, and if not this limit is significantly disrupted and we can not reach a compromise, then sometimes you have to leave, for example, after the completion of a milestone because the partnership ceases to be mutually beneficial.

SEO content optimization and the website - 12% of the time. This work is done on Website during assembly. We do the analysis of the statistics of search queries, form the semantic core of the site and to optimize all of the titles in the text under the keyword.

Manufacturing site and filling content - 18% of the time. This time is used to put into life all that plan and design, layout design, preparation of texts, creating a structure and menu. After the completion of these works, the site moved to hosting, registered in the search engines and then remains to wait for the indexing to start work on promotion.

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