User experience to improve conversions

Reviewing and improving the user experience helps to significantly optimize the conversion and see real growth opportunities profits obtained through the well-established testing and adjustments.

To date, there are some basic techniques that contribute to: improve conversions and increase profits.

All of them are designed for the widest possible population of buyers, that is, they can be effective for online retailers all directions, regardless of the presence of the target audience. Basic characteristics of each of the methods is that they affect the conversion is to enhance and therefore profits.

Basics of web-marketing

Concepts such as page load time and the number of fields in the form to order inversely related to the number of conversions. In other words, the faster the page will load and the smaller fields the user will need to fill in the form, the greater the conversion rate of a particular product page. Reaching the minimum time the page is loaded, and reducing the number of fields in the order form to a minimum, it was possible to stay in the issue of improving the user experience. However, there is one sure option to increase sales, which is to further optimize the experience by implementing automated processes for collecting and processing information that you usually get from each of its visitors.

Online Marketing

Receiving first

The first appointment is to move normally occurs in the form fields after the "city" and "region" - field "index" - the top. That is, in this way you will be able to automate the process of city and region. The user can simply write code, and the system will select the city and the region itself, as a specific index always corresponds to a particular city. The only thing that is necessary to provide in this situation - to automatically jump the cursor after the introduction of the index to the next after the "city" and "region" field. According to statistics, this method allows to raise the conversion of 40 per cent on average.

Receiving a second - budget delivery

You can automate the process of selecting the method of delivery. For example, the system can automatically provide most of the existing budget delivery method. This method is effective for those stores that offer a number of different methods of delivery. Thus, the buyer will be able to personally make sure that the store took care for him and chose the most acceptable way. In this page rational choice is to present all the available methods of delivery to the customer personally convinced that he really offered the most economical.

Keep track of users

Or rather keep as much data from one user (name, phone number, email address, mailing address, etc.). So you can save much time ordering - the customer will not have to enter the same data several times. This method will indicate careful attention to the store to its customers.

Work on the bugs and improve readability

The fourth and fifth reception is to correct errors of work life and make it more understandable to users. You will need to set up a form for ordering so that when a user admitted the slightest mistake filled all the data is stored, and the client does not have to rewrite everything from scratch. The decor is all navigation will need to be frequently used items sort by popularity and in a manner to present to the visitor.

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