Useful tips to fill website

Creation of site - this is just the beginning, then begins the hard work on optimizing your site for search queries.

Plain text - this is a very important condition, any retrieval system immediately calculates the generated content is written for the robot. Thus, you risk to fall under the filter searcher.

Uniqueness - the most important condition for any search engine. Your website should contain your own text created for your site rather than paragraphs with other resources. Optimal uniqueness is 98%.

Keywords. The text on each page must match the key demands, leading to this page. Optimum keyword density is considered 5% of the entire text of the page. Times when the pages were completely filled with keyword gone.

Tematichnost. It is also important for search engine ranking to the page text as much as possible to meet the demands that led to her person. Ideally, the user should get to the page where the products will be described with the price and features.

The amount of information. If we are really to average, the number of characters for promotion under the optimized page should be about 4-5 thousand characters. However, the exact amount of information can be obtained only by analyzing the queries that plans to promote this page.

Structuring of information. Decent volume text heavy for perception as a man, and the search engine. That is why it is necessary to structure the text headings dilute pictures, graphs and tables.

Here, perhaps, the basic tips on how to fill the site. Naturally, much of this list, you can do it yourself, and from start to finish to go through this difficult path. But the question of labor costs and their effectiveness has not been canceled.

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