To ensure that the site was in demand, information on it should be complete, interesting and convenient prepodnesёnnoy posted.


Where do you start? In the first place with the design of the site, because it is his face, capable of both push and attract a large number of clients. Of course, this work should be trusted only to professionals. Website design complex, meticulously thought-out system all elements - graphics, text, etc., interfere with or distract the visitor from the basic information. His goal - to help in the perception and be unobtrusive background. My first impression of the design of the site the user the impression about the company.

Color spectrum

Lurid background with flashing dots, asterisks mark - it's yesterday. Psychology of color effects on the human condition, is devoted to a science, but we need not delve thoroughly and study it, because we are for website design to turn to professionals, but it is clear that flashy background color, promotes fatigue and the visitor will not last long on a similar site . Usability recommends the use of homogeneous, restrained tone, perform only a background role.

If you go to the most popular portals, you will see that their color scheme is satisfied is very simple. Usually it is 2-3 main basic colors - white, black and more blue. More of the same color, with a muted range, rarely used and is to highlight certain places favorite pages.

Navigation and search

Usability involves such important things as navigation and site search. Navigation and search are very important, they have made in recent years a huge leap towards universality, reducing turn-based operations, which contributes to a top speed of information retrieval.

When designing flowcharts site, it is important that even the most uninformed visitor immediately on the Internet to figure out how he can quickly find this resource that interests him.

Site Search is a very important service, especially for surround portal. It is in no way should not repeat the navigation. User searches for information via the main navigation elements - links menu.

The role of the home page for a long time is no longer leading, since most users go to a particular resource from the search engines, and the page on which they fall, more often than not the main one. Moving from any page to another, should be extremely fast. Navigation, which is to go to a different page, recommends that the user back to the main, where there is a menu in the past.

Well, think for yourself, who are now at such advanced technology, will use the site to multi-chain search?

Official information

If you suspect the portal provide paid services or sell products, you just need to enlist the credibility of future buyers. We recommend to put in the "About Us" comprehensive information about the company; Legal and physical address; authorization; licenses, etc. In general - a complete package of documents. Experience shows that the strengthening of trust contributes in the same informal information - written a fascinating history of the company and staff biographies.

Discounts and Promotions

Can not be ignored, and this form of attracting customers as discounts and all sorts of action. In the case where they are honestly held is yielding positive results.

Information about them should be catchy and placed in a prominent place to the user's eye immediately stopped her.

However, in any case, this information should not close the main content and occupy the entire homepage, posts, placed in the top right / bottom corners, or centered enough.

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