The main functions of the content on the website

By "content" in the Internet space often understand the information content of the site. Content can be in the form of text, graphics or video (this is the basic format). When this content on the website typically has several functions. Below we list them.

1. Information function. This function is the main (at least for visitors to the site). In other words, the content - it's kind of unique and useful information to users. After reading the article, a person learns to discover something new. For example, a user interested in learning about ways to catch fish. He drives a proper key phrase in a search engine, and then goes to one of the sites in the SERP. Contents in this case will carry informational function (in relation to the visitor).

2. The descriptive function. It usually refers to the commercial sites, which represent a variety of goods and services. Accordingly, for these goods and services must be accompanied by a descriptive content (the user must know what exactly he wants to buy). To the descriptive content includes characteristics of goods and services, photographs, videos, which demonstrate the goods.

3. The content function. Site notice and specifics of any subject - it's content (except only some specialized online services). Contents fills site is its content. Without content site would be just an empty shell (set of files and code). If you draw a parallel, it can be compared to a blank site with a book that has a wrapper, but no internal pages. It is clear that such a book no one would be interested.

4. Incentive function. The content on the website can definitely affect the psychological state of the readers, to encourage them to perform some action. This is typical for commercial sites, where the main task of the webmaster - to encourage visitors to make an order (in this case, talking about advertising or selling text). As a rule, colorfully describes the benefits of goods and services, compared to your competitors' products with goods, etc. Further content can perform the function of the incentive on sites involved in PR something (a particular person, idea, or even religion).

5. promote function. Quality content - this is whereby you can effectively promote the site in search engines. Moreover, without a content site generally unlikely to succeed somehow promote. Analyzing the content (usually text), the search engine knows about what the theme Website, what information it contains. Based on this particular site and its pages are assigned to specific rankings for certain queries.

6. Activities of the function (or function update site). Any site should be updated over time. Otherwise, the search engines may find it dead and understate rating. A site can be updated due to their appearance, navigation, structure, software code. However, the easiest way to update the site through the content (add new articles and notes). Website, in this case will appreciate not only the search engines, but also visitors.

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