The costs of creating the online store

Today, commerce on the Internet is very popular. Especially rapidly evolving online stores. Initially, they were created to support the usual shops. But quality made and well-advanced website can become independent and profitable business.

To design and build the online store need much less money and effort than a conventional store. But still have to spend money.

The total costs of creating the online store consists of several parts:

  • The cost of creating online magazina- costs for online work;
  • The cost of offline work;
  • Fixed costs (monthly).

The easiest, fastest and budget option organization the online store: room (apartment) or an extra desk in office, rent hosting, Pickup by the customer to the supplier's warehouse.

Spending on online work include:

  • The acquisition of the domain, hosting;
  • Development of a reliable platform to store;
  • Creation of site design (design);
  • Programming;
  • Filling the site with information: the goods description;
  • Placing a site on the Internet;
  • Promotion.

Expenses for offline work include:

  • Registration of the enterprise;
  • Opening a bank account;
  • Minimum capital;
  • The acquisition of the necessary equipment for the workplace (Computers);

The cost of creating online magazina- equipment and setting up local networks, software.

By the fixed costs every month include:

  • Accounting and support;
  • Rental premises;
  • Pay for phone calls, access the Internet;
  • The cost of office;
  • Payment of a domain and hosting;
  • Online advertising to promote the site;
  • The cost of website promotion.

To go to a decent level of cost recovery, net profit the online store should cover initial and monthly costs. Also consider the amount of taxes and possible unforeseen expenditure.

Effective online store website is undoubtedly important, but in the business organization is not a priority.

The main questions to be answered:

  • Any goods or services sold;
  • How to reduce the cost of creating, supporting and developing the site;
  • How to choose an effective advertising strategy;
  • Who is a competitor and how to work around it.

There are still areas of business where there is a lack of supply of goods and competition fair. Solvency of users on the Internet is growing daily. There is demand for cheap goods. If desired, you can easily find a marketable niche to build a business, where demand is higher than supply.

Undoubtedly, organize online store is much more profitable and less need of funds. The main advantages are obvious: rapid start-up project, small initial and ongoing costs, fast profit opportunities to attract customers.

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