The advantage of a simple and intuitive design. The benefit to the designer, the client, the site visitor.

On your website a lot of visitors, most of them targeted, (who came to your site for the necessary inquiries), but no one orders and Statistics evident that the point of exit from your site - the main page of the site. In 95% of cases the cause of this behavior is the design of the site visitors, made of poor quality and thus leads the visitor to the idea of bad faith in your organization. You decide you need to add something to the site. But the best solution is to first remove unnecessary items from the site, and then add what you must do and the technical optimization of the site, which will lead to the following Advantages:

  • Faster loading site;
  • Clear and precise navigation through the site;
  • Ease of use of the website;
  • Easy to read.

Site owner to have access to the content management system that was created only for the tasks of the site. The system is easy to use and requires no special training.

But in order to make a simple and at the same time stylish and eye-catching design, the designer should have as extensive experience and possess the skill of their work.

When the design of the site is clearly laid out, made ​​technical optimization, site visitors to easily begin to use it. Again and again, go at it and read useful information, follow the discounts and promotions in your organization.

Developing a simple site design usually costs much less than sites with creative design. But a more simple design is more clear and more convenient for the visitor. In any case, from the simple and stylish design, you get the main advantage - competitive.

When creating a simple design - the designer should always take into account one important rule: the site should be nothing superfluous, all elements must have meaning and fulfill his destiny.

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The advantage of a simple and intuitive design. The benefit to the designer, the client, the site visitor.
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