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Secrets of convenient site

The ability to offer exactly what the user is looking for, make your site easy.

The modern website should be intuitive and easy to use, the visitor from the first moment felt comfortable. Suppose that a man went to the site to find the information he needs. In this situation, a key role is played by the number of transitions needed and how much is obvious the shortest path to the desired section. The site should be similar to the well-organized desktop. To everything you need was at hand, that is, at a distance of 1 - 2 mouse clicks. And in the far corners of the site can be reached in a matter of the number of transitions. You should not allow a situation where the user needs to do is not obvious, in his opinion the extra transitions. A significant number of people will not "travel", they just go, so you need to anticipate the intentions of the person, and to offer him the shortest path to the goal. It is the ability to offer exactly what the user is looking for, make your site easy.

So what the visitor is looking for? It depends on the type of your site. This can be a business card site, blog, catalog, online shop, forum, news portal. For each type of users has different requirements on the first visit.

Website Card

In this case, everything is quite simple. The site consists of a pair of pages, and there can not be confused, which means that it is ideal from the point of view of optimization!


As part of the blog, people are looking for the latest author's posts, news blog, and information about the author. Is as important a fast and easy access to articles commenting, viewing comments of other users.


Site commercial orientation should be brief, but informative. So first of all, you need fast access to the directory, private office, to the page with contact details of the seller, and information on the procedure for the acquisition of goods.

Online shop

Like the site directory, online store represents your company on the Internet, where people go with the specific intent to learn about your products / services on hot offers, Seller and the order of acquisition. Unlike site-directory online store allows you to purchase / reserve goods through the Internet, so you should pay special attention to usability in a private office.


In the foreground is necessary to place the information on the forum to discuss relevant topics, focus groups.

Well-organized structure will allow better use of the results to promote the site. Yeah, maybe, investing heavily in promotion, get a large attendance. But what if a huge part of new visitors will immediately leave because of unfriendly interface? After all sites concerned by actively working with visitors (online store, website directory), waiting just for those who make a lot of transitions between paged. According to statistics, only those users may become a client online store, and certainly not the guests who have made one or two clicks.

To your site continued to observe the principle of predictive and help the user, each page should offer the ability to quickly move to the adjacent page, the output current for a given section of information from other sources. Each page is unique, suggesting, anticipating precisely the actions of the user to whom it may encourage stay on this page.

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