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Order the mobile website - Get an additional 30% of customers

Mobile Websites for mobile people!

Development of mobile sites - not a new trend for many web developers.

The advantages of mobile sites:

  • High speed download
  • Ease of perception of information from the phone or tablet
  • Adaptive design and layout of the site to be displayed perfectly on all screens of mobile devices
  • Beautiful domain name today still many beautiful short free domain names

Create mobile site involves the development of a unique interface that allows for the most modern technologies HTML5 and CSS3, aimed at the usability of mobile websites.

Make your business mobile - receive and process orders on the mobile site at any time and in any place.

What tools can be used on the mobile site:

  • Feedback form
  • Gallery
  • Product catalog
  • Private office
  • Videos
  • Slider
  • Google map
  • Call with Skype
  • Payment online
  • Statistics
  • Determination of your location (geo-location)

The main task of a mobile site: to provide users with information in a convenient form on any mobile devices. In terms of features is a full featured interactive website.

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