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Online store as the basis of your business

Not every product can be sold only on internet

You ordered the developers online shop. And now, after some time of anxious waiting, your website on hosting, post a list of passwords and you can start working. But what do we expect from your new trading platform on the Internet? Will the new site impetus to business, to which you want to?

Have an online store - the right solution for any company, but whether it can be the basis of the business? After all, we are talking about the site, which itself attracts buyers of goods sold, supports payment. The fee for hosting a much lower rent for the premises, and in fact it is not necessary to have a staff of sales consultants ... Really can be no doubt in the ability of an online store to bring your business to new heights?

For some areas of the market one website enough. If your product is unique, it is difficult to find competitors, but people are willing to buy it over the internet. For example, if your organization is engaged in the sale of exclusive clothes or souvenirs. Then the online shop may well become the main tool.

To store the new site met expectations, you need to correctly prioritize. On different business website will store a different effect. For someone website will be the basis for someone more convenient addition for real trading platform. In the latter case, it may become more appropriate to other more simple type of site (directory), the possibility of which will cover the needs of the company, at a much lower cost.

In the Internet there are a huge number of articles, which states that access to the Internet space will be a boon for business. This is certainly true. Better simple site card tells about your company, what about it do not tell no. However, there are cases when a site does not meet the expectations and investments. Success can only be qualitatively designed website that is easy to use and attractive to customers. The cost of this project is very high, and therefore need to be sure that the income from it will cover the costs for the design, development, maintenance, promotion, and the online store will be to carry out its defining function - to make a profit. To eventually not be disappointed in this business tool as an online store, is worth a closer look at the arguments "for / against".

In our time, via the Internet, you can buy everything. But not everything can be sold. This paradox is explained by a number of reasons.

1. Quite often, the buyer needs in a personal acquaintance with the goods. When buying a car, a person is not enough pictures on the screen, and a detailed description of those. characteristics, other people's reviews. He wants to personally make sure that this car is exactly what he needs. Of course, in this case, one online store is not enough, we need a real marketplace with vendors, consultants. For such a business, an online store will increase the number of potential buyers, but consider the site a major driving force is not necessary.

2. Consider the case when your product is widely known and people are willing to buy it over the internet. However, the long-awaited online store does not give the results that you expected. What's the matter? Perhaps a similar product offering large retail chains with which your company is difficult to compete. This is relevant for such market segments as: appliances, electronics. Small companies usually lose big bargain. networks in the price of the goods due to more modest volumes, and, quite often, in the breadth of the range presented. It may be noted as advantages: higher service and attention to each client, a convenient location for a group of people living nearby. However, on the Internet, shortcomings remain, but the benefits may well be offset. Sites shops large companies are made with high quality and very difficult in what they excel, but due to high traffic, they are always in sight. Competition on the Internet is even higher, so the online store in such a case would be a nice addition, but not the main goal.

Properly designed, high-quality and user-friendly site will definitely become the right solution for your company. With advertising, representation, information point of view, this site will always be useful and cost him acquitted. However, its potential as a major trading floors in some cases limited, and does not always coincide with the expectations of the results.

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