Intuitive web design: Landing Page should be convenient for the user!

Proven truth - the simpler your Landing Page, the greater the number of users access it and so will be more productive interaction.

What is this simplicity? The main task of intuitive design to every person without any hesitation obstacles and perform the necessary actions marketer.

Intuitive design is invisible. User solves the problem without even thinking about it. But the non-intuitive, so to speak, drives into a stupor, makes stop and scratch your head, distracted and may even leave the Landing Page.

Someone is clear, and someone - no

Why are some web resources make users suffer real anguish? The fact that people are different, and universal criterion intuitive design simply absent.

The developer is guided solely by good intentions. But the subjective factor can not escape. And what is elementary for a professional, can be a daunting task for the visitor. How, then, to create an intuitive design? Should be guided by the concept of "required level of knowledge against the current."

What is a conceptual model?

Occasionally it happens that a person gets to your Landing Page with zero knowledge. Rather, he has already visited pages and was similar conceptual model of the web resource friendly.

Everything is very simple: that was the first, it is more natural and familiar (even if in fact more complex). That is, potential customers have certain intuitive expectations, which can be justified or not.

In order for your web solution was intuitive, it must match the user's mental model. How to achieve this? There is one sure way - to study the target audience.

How do you know your users?

Development perfect interface is not possible without assessing the relevance and the required level of knowledge. Here are two effective methods of gathering information:

"Field research" or natural experiment. Observing the behavior of potential customers on the Internet in familiar environment would be sufficient to understand the current state of knowledge. Usability test in laboratory conditions. The bottom line is this: some members of the target groups perform a set of tasks on your pages, comment on their actions, express their opinions.

Ten people would be sufficient. Watching them and taking notes, you figure out 90% of usability problems.

Intuitive navigation, or how to find the search?

Expert on Inbound Marketing Mike Volpe create a chart that displays the User requirements to web resources. And 76% of respondents as the most important to mention ease of retrieval. A primary task was to find the menu.

Experts believe the most appropriate word for the menu triggers "Order", "Buy," "Contact Manager", etc.

It is worth remembering the "Law Cassels": "Half of the customers are not buying because they can not find the required". Accordingly, your life is obliged to have a rational search, which, in turn, should be easy to find.

How not to give a potential customer away?

To stay on your site for a long time, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Use clear words.
  • Make the scroll bar visible.
  • Locate the contact information in the footer of the page.
  • Called last item in the navigation menu "Contacts".
  • Make navigation on all pages of the same resource.
  • Good links to highlight the background of the text.
  • Background information and notices placed on the page blocks.

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