How to choose a color for the website - especially the perception of color

How to choose a color for your site - this question is interested in someone who is going to order the development of the site for the first time. Features color perception of Internet users - here's what you need to focus when choosing a color palette.

What colors (color combinations) used to create a better business website a particular theme. Because it affects the perception of your website visitors. It is clear that the main thing - it's the content and usability of the site (structure, navigation), but the color of the various elements will also play a role.

The perception of color depends on the order in which the emotional state of the person calling on your site.

It is understood that predict this condition is difficult. Here, much will depend on the subject site and the portrait of the target visitor (which may include even the mood).

If the human condition is very sad, it would be better to take the soft and soft colors. If a person is in high spirits, he happily and cheerfully, then here are suitable bright and saturated colors (but also in moderation).

The perception of color depends on the subject site.

Here there is a similar pattern. The site may refer to the entertainment category, and may relate to the subject of business. Understandably, grayish-black and other colors will be better understood on a business website. For the first fit and a bright contrasting color, e.g., yellow, orange, and red.

  • Each color has its own weight (notional value).
  • Weight has a degree of influence on the site visitor in different colors, which occupy the same area.
  • Red, for example, has a larger weight than orange.
  • Orange has a higher weight than the blue, blue has a higher weight compared with green.
  • The white color is the most neutral and has the lowest weight.

Color can influence what the size of the objects will appear on the site, painted in it.

Thus there is an inverse relationship - the greater the weight of color, the object appears smaller. For example, if you take two of the same shape and area elements, the white element will appear more red.

When developing business websites is especially important to consider the effect of color, as this depends directly on the commercial component of the site.

The predominance of bright and saturated colors in design - namely, red, reduces the residence time of the average visitor to the site. The reason is that the color creates more stress on the eyes, and some people even cause discomfort because of their richness and aggressiveness.

Many visitors prefer dark and gray tones more vivid and deep (but the brightness should also be in moderation). Using the design of the site or another color, you should always take into account the theme of the site. If we consider the different colors on a white or neutral background, it would be a big win in the blue color and its shades. In this worst will look greenish-yellow color.

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