Creating multilingual websites. Web development in multiple languages

Creating a site in different languages ​​requires a web developer solutions is quite complex problems associated with both the layout Website and with the client's business. In this article you will learn about the main points faced by web developers in creating websites in multiple languages. Understanding these features will give an explanation of why the complexity of support and development of a multilingual Website, as well as the cost of its development increases several times.

Why should You create Website in multiple languages​​?

Modern business trends are increasingly dictated by the requirements of creating multilingual sites. This is usually - the creation of a corporate site for different countries. Small business focuses on the development of its market and thus expands the territory to search for potential customers.

Which companies often requires the development of multilingual websites:

  • Companies that have a physical or virtual offices in several countries
  • Companies that want to attract suppliers from certain countries
  • Companies aiming to promote their products or services in certain regions and countries

What problems are solved by the web developers in creating a multilingual Website:

Choosing an encoding when creating the site

Encoding problems arise in two cases: the mixing encodings and the emergence of the need to convert the entire site from one language to another after its creation. Therefore, it is best just to use versatile and economical format Unicode - UTF-8. If you do everything in one encoding, you can avoid a lot of problems, but need to be prepared that the time for preparation of information will increase substantially.

A full translation for multilingual sites

The challenge is to keep your customers, do not speak the main language Website, to obtain accurate and reliable as possible (without dual understanding) information about products or services of your company.

Content - is the most significant component of the Site! In practice, it is necessary to begin the translation of all the elements and text simultaneously with the start of work on the design project.

Different countries require different news, banners, stocks and commodities.

First, the client thinks the news, articles and products in all languages ​​are the same, and they should be easy to translate. In practice, the software part Website should allow two options:

  • duplicate materials and translate them;
  • display material in one language version and is not displayed on the other

During the design phase Website - you need to remember that content is never the same as 100%.

The different structure of the site in the categories modules and sections of the site for different language versions.

It often happens that some sections should be present in one language version and absent in others. Due to the different requirements of the nuances may need to change the menu structure independently and individual pages.

Switching between the language versions of the site.

To switch between the language versions, as a rule, used boxes UA/EN/ or others. When you click the check box on any page, in theory, should be opening the same page in another language. But this does not happen, if the structure and content of the different versions of the villages do not match.

Mapping and translation of system messages cms and external modules.

System messages, error messages, and other technical notices written in Developer CMS, before which the task was not multilingual. Thus, all of these messages also need to be translated.

If you install additional plug-ins photo gallery, music player, or flash-loader file from an external developer, you have to check the coding in which they work and deal with the fact that they derive.

Translation of content that users leave and legally relevant texts - User agreement or contract offer.

Additionally, you need to take care of the transfer comments, feedback and other user-generated content. Transfer news or text in any language is not so difficult and the cost of failure is low, if the translation is not very accurate.

But for the translation of legal texts require not just a translator, but a lawyer with excellent knowledge of the language and understanding of your business. As a consequence - translation legally relevant texts must be ordered in a country where there is a representation of the company.

Different length of the same text in different languages ​​or other text direction.

A particular problem for the designer, when the text is a design element. Therefore it is best to avoid text banners and other graphics-related writing text. In the design of multilingual sites should be as concise and to navigate desirable to use the most familiar and simple menus.

How to make a version of the website in Hebrew, to navigation, content, layout, interfaces, flip, and that the site looked properly and correctly? Agree - quite a challenge!

Getting automatic updates with various forms of registration and feedback site.

Many sites require registration and, therefore, they should send the appropriate notifications passed registration, ordering, not a successful attempt to change passwords, logins, etc., so it will take time to translate all of these system messages.

Separately, will have to decide how to make the correct automatic declination and writing numerals. In some languages, the writing will also depend on the gender and number. Translation of all the fields and labels in a private office client online store.

Personal Account Online Shop - have to translate completely and correctly as possible, and this is a very demanding and time-consuming task. Translation errors in your account - simply unacceptable!

Thus, lists the main points that must take into account a web developer in creating multilingual sites. But in each individual project will encounter its own characteristics that must necessarily resolve to the client's site in other languages ​​work as effectively as in the mother.

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