Creating landing pages and an effective call to action

Creating Landing Pages is for selling your products/services through contextual advertising. An important element of the landing page is a call to action buttons. But some buttons sales are not allowed. We must consider the level of Psychophysiology, what factors influence the purchasing decision.

Mechanisms impact on the target audience give insight into how to create a truly effective call to action. Referring to a psychological explanation of this process and discuss how reactions occur at the level of brain physiology.

The assumption that a simple change in the phrase on the button call to action can make a real difference - is erroneous. If the information on the page itself does not create an image in the mind of the visitor that his problem will be solved with the help of this action.

Here we must make a start on what emotions you want to experience a visitor to your site in the interaction with the landing page. This may include the following feelings:

  • anticipation of something special or delight
  • the joy of discovering new, exciting, entertaining
  • confidence in solving its problems
  • sense of ownership, belonging to something inaccessible to everyone, unique

How does the call to action at the level of physiology

But if the site offers visitors more than just information and facts to create a special story, a vivid image of what they will be involved, if you perform an action, then it is possible to get a more active response at the level of physiology.

How to do it? Necessary to minimize the cognitive load and make usability as simple and concise.

According to studies of Spanish scientists, those areas of the brain that are responsible for the perception of sensations become active when a simple analysis the meaning of words that are associated with taste, smell and pleasant sensation.

For example, when a person sees and reads the word "perfume" or "coffee" once included the relevant sensory areas, but when he read the words such as "closet" or "car", they are not used.

This is especially true with respect to metaphors. For example, the phrase "The actor velvet voice" causes a reaction, and the phrase "I'm an actor baritone" - do not touch, but simply states.

Excitation of sensory areas in the brain causes the user a feeling of anticipation and expectation, the same story, which he is interested. It is these feelings must be called when you create a page, a task that sell.

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